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Our organisation was formed in April 2019 by its three directors to address the opportunities the New Zealand Maritime Estate appears to offer.

Dr Lance Beath

Lance is the New Zealand Oceans Foundation Director of Research and Publication.

SCN_0004 (003)Lance graduated from Otago University with a BSC First Class Hons degree in Chemistry and a PhD in thermodynamics. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to undertake post doctoral studies at UCLA where his research into the behaviours of liquid-liquid mixtures under high gravitational fields was supported by the National Science Foundation and the US Atomic Energy Commission. Lance then spent 20 years in the New Zealand Foreign Service and 10 years in the Ministry of Defence, following which he convened and taught a post graduate strategic studies programme at VUW’s School of Government. He is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Studies at Victoria University of Wellington and the Royal New Zealand Navy’s first Nelsonian Scholar-in-Residence. Lance has a number of books in preparation including a textbook on strategic studies titled ‘Strategy for Very Bright People’. Lance brings to his work at the New Zealand Oceans Foundation a long held interest in the resources of our oceans and a conviction that the New Zealand economy needs a stronger oceans resource and environmental sector supported by appropriate innovations in science and technology.

Peter Cozens

Peter is the New Zealand Oceans Foundation Director of Finance.

PCozensNZOFFollowing a career that included service in the British India Steam Navigation Company and the Royal New Zealand Navy plus study at University of Wellington and graduating in History and Economics, Peter joined the Centre for Strategic Studies at Victoria 1996. After an interesting apprenticeship of seven years at the Centre he was appointed Director in 2002.  During that time he was also the Executive Director of a Track Two Diplomatic entity, the New Zealand Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific,  an appointment demanding flexible thinking, bridge building between different topics and between different traditions of thought. His position required patience and persistence in building relationships and especially in maritime policy circles in the Indo-Pacific. His appointment concluded with his retirement in 2010.  He now lives in  Motueka where he continues his research and writing about nautical and maritime subjects and where he is building a boat.

Peter brings an eclectic range of nautical and maritime knowledge and experience to the Foundation.  He has been a tireless campaigner calling for New Zealand to pay more attention to her oceans and to value them as they deserve.  For many years with Lance, he has been championing great environmental care of New Zealand’s nautical estate but also the sensible and sustainable use of maritime resources under the rubric of an Oceans Policy.

John Martin

John is the New Zealand Oceans Foundation Executive Director.small John Face

A former Chief of Navy, New Zealand, John brings to his work extensive practical experience in maritime matters, strategic policy making and international relations.  He has experience in leading large and small organisations to achieve highly complex tasks in extremely challenging situations.  He is known nationally and internationally for his ability to define a future state vision with multiple stakeholders and is a fellow of the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies, Canberra.


Together Lance, Peter and John make up New Zealand Oceans Foundation Ltd and have access to extensive links and networks into academia, government and maritime enterprise.

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