The Foundation

The NZ Oceans Foundation was established and incorporated on 6 May 2019.  New Zealand has one of the largest maritime estates in the World (9th largest) and this offers opportunities for the future of New Zealand while at the same time conferring responsibilities of stewardship and ownership. With its networks across government, research institutes, industry and academia, the Foundation can provide advice and knowledge on matters maritime, environment and security in the areas of research, outreach and consultation.

Te Riu-a-Māui

Join us…New Zealand is the Earth’s eighth and newest continent. The name of this continent is Te Riu-a-Māui or Zealandia. It is quite unlike Earth’s seven older continents. Apart from the small portion that we make most of our living off, it is almost entirely submerged.  Indeed, as much as 94% of it is under water. It follows that we are an oceans-based continent. Our future sovereign wealth fund is under water. We need to find ways to access our oceans-based wealth if we are to continue to afford the education, health care, social security and other services demanded of us in a modern, low-emissions economy. And we need to do so in ways that do not repeat the environmental mistakes made on land.

It is timely that we consider the importance of the economic opportunity offered by this maritime resource.  With it may rest the key to repairing the damage left by 150 years of intensive rural productivity; address the impacts of climate change and offer the possibility of developing intergenerational wealth.

So, join us as we set out to learn what is being done within the New Zealand maritime estate to the resources of Te Riu-a-Māui and provide for its security.

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